About The Owners

The Owners

We’re John and Agnes and we live in the Land of the Prince Bishops (in the north-east of England), where we have a media business. John is a native of Co Durham and Agnes hails from Ireland. We love to travel and have journeyed extensively across Europe as well as North America and South Africa.

We particularly enjoy our visits to the USA (we even got married here, in Colorado Springs) so we wanted to find somewhere special where we could return to year after year. We were delighted to find our perfect place in Sunset Villa at Lake Wilson and were thrilled to have the opportunity to buy it in 2013. It is such an exceptional and ultra comfortable home and we have upgraded it each year to transform a great vacation villa into a truly special one.  We’re happy to share it with you and we hope that you will enjoy every minute of your stay in our enchanting home from home.

Our housekeeper takes pride in her work and checks the villa from top to bottom to make sure that everything is just right for your arrival. Our caretaker is on hand, just in case you need help to settle in to ensure that you have the perfect stay.

Thank you for choosing Sunset Villa at Lake Wilson where you can enjoy to the holiday you've always dreamed of in the comfort of your very own Florida home from home.



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